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   Telephony Boards

Telephone Voice Boards


Dialogic D4/PCI Telephony Board for CT Integration
Dialogic D4/PCI

Telephony boards are specialized hardware devices designed to integrate a PC and a telephone (CTI). Telephony boards support all of the voice modem functions (DTMF tones detection and generation, silence detection, voice call recording, Caller ID, and so on), and all or most telephony-specific functions, including CIT tone recognition, digital line extensions, Called ID, remote disconnect, and more. Telephony cards are made by manufacturers such as Dialogic, Brooktrout, Music Telecom, and others.


Company Web: http://www.dialogic.com
Support Page: http://developer.intel.com/design/telecom/support/
Drivers for Dialogic cards: http://developer.intel.com/design/nav/download.htm

A list of compatible Intel Voice Boards, marketed as Dialogic, is available on the following link: http://www.intel.com/design/network/products/telecom/boards/mediaprocessing.htm#vb

Dialogic Small System Voice Boards

These are industry-grade voice products for small- and medium-sized businesses. Boards in this category are typically 2- or 4- ports and contain a telephone network interface.

For a simple 1 to 4 line IVR system we recommend Dialogic D4/PCI phone card.

Dialogic has higher density boards that support TAPI. Please refer to this product page: http://www.intel.com/network/csp/products/index_vp.htm

A list of TAPI compliant Dialogic boards includes low density VFX/40ESC+, ProLine/2V, D/4PCI,  D/21H, D/41H, D/41E, D/41ESC, D/41EPCI, D/41JCT, D/42-NE2, high density D/120JCT-LS, D/160SC, D/160SC-LS, D/160SC-HS, D/240SC, D/240SC-T1, D/240PCI-T1, D/240JCT-T1, D/300SC-E1, D/300PCI-E1, D/300JCT-E1, D/320SC.

Note: Dialogic cards product 11 kHz audio. CT Developer Studio must be set to use 11025 Hz (11 kHz) sample rate in order for Dialogic hardware to work properly


Company Web: www.dialogic.com/products/ip_enabled/FoIP/default.htm

Brooktrout Vantage PCI Board
Brooktrout Vantage PCI

Brooktrout Vantage boards are supported and recommended, particularly Vantage PCI, a set of voice processing boards for low to mid-density analog communications applications. This family of PCI-bus cards is ideal for voice messaging, unified messaging, automated attendant, digital recording, interactive voice response, outbound telemarketing, audiotext, call center and other communications applications.

For up to four phone lines we recommend Brooktrout Vantage 4 line PCI board. For eight line support you may use Vantage 8 line PCI board. For Fax Over IP, try Dialogic® Brooktrout® FoIP

Other Brooktrout boards that are supported include TR114+I2L, TR114+P2L, TR114+I2C/D, TR114+I4L, TR114+P4L, TR114+I4C/D, TR114+I2P/V, TR114+I4P/V, TR114+I8P/V, TR114+I8S, TR114+I12V, TR114+I16V, TR114+I8V-T1, TR114+I24T, TR114+ P24T.

Natural Micro Systems (NMS Communications)

Company Web: http://www.nmscommunications.com

Natural Micro Systems boards are supported as long as they have a TAPI Service Provider drivers. One board that surely has a TAPI driver is a 4-port low density analog PCI board, NMS Communications QX 2000,

Natural Micro Systems QX 2000 4-line analog PCI board
View photo of QX 2000

The NMS Communications QX 2000 is a low-density, high-value platform that provides four ports of voice processing capability for worldwide deployment in a single PCI slot.

Other Natural Micro Systems cards that are supported include AG-8, AG-8/DID, AG-80, AG-T1, AG- Quad T, AG- Quad E, AG Dual T, AG Dual E, AG-2000, AG 4000 Series.

Music Telecom

Company Web: http://www.musictelecom.com, http://www.musictelecom.nl

Ai-Logix, Inc. (formerly Music Telecom, Inc.) is a provider of voice and data hardware integration cards for the Call Recording and Voice/Data Logging Industry. Music Telecom offers the Call Recording Industry voice processing cards that support all three product segments including Passive Analog Trunk Interface Cards, Passive Digital Trunk Interface Cards and Passive Digital PBX Telephone Set Integration Cards.

SmartDSP VR Series Voice Recording Board
SmartDSP VR Series
MTP 4 and MTP 8 are 4- and 8-port PCI cards that may be used for low- to mid-range IVR applications. These boards are TAPI compliant. SmartDSP VR Series board allows the VR to be used in both Call Recording and General CT applications.
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