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   Using CTDS with SIP/VoIP

      Building voice control applications for SIP/VoIP

CT Developer Studio works with various platforms manufactured by different vendors. Starting with version 2010, CT Developer Studio fully integrates with broadband VoIP telephony. The highly acclaimed Voice Application Development Platform can now work with all-digital IP networks, offering customers a means to develop voice applications over SIP protocol without maintaining subscription to multiple POTN lines.

Going all digital offers important benefits to CT Developer Studio customers. Supporting multiple SIP lines (individual URI's), CT Developer Studio allows building highly versatile and easily extensible voice control applications.

State of the Art

In order to build a SIP/IVR application, a compatible Dialogic CG card is required. CG6060 and CG6565 boards are compatible. In addition, SIP licenses and an installation of the Natural Access software are required.

Two Ethernet connections will be used. One Ethernet cable will carry call control (SIP signals), while the other cable will carry the voice (VoIP traffic).

To properly connect your CG board, youll need to plug the SIP cable into the PC. The other cable carrying VoIP traffic plugs into the Ethernet jack of the CG card.

Development Roadmap

We recognize the need of vendor-independent VoIP/SIP support, so a new HMP-enabled version of CT Developer Studio is in development. Adding the HMP (Host Media Protocol) support will enable CT Developer Studio applications to handle SIP calls by using your existing PC without the need for proprietary hardware boards.

About SIP

Session Internet Protocol (SIP) is an industry-standard protocol designed for controlling communication sessions such as voice calls placed over the Internet. SIP enables a wide range of communication tools based on various hardware and software platforms to talk to each other. T Developer Studio can bridge voice communications with Internet, allowing SIP clients to be located anywhere where sufficient bandwidth is available. The SIP/IVR server must be connected to a broadband connection with low latency, low packet loss. Connections offering symmetrical downlink/uplink speeds are preferred to asymmetrical links such as consumer-grade DSL or DOCSIS. As a result, solutions built with CT Developer Studio can act as fully featured IP PBX stations.

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