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MyOneLink - Professional Plus XP

by JXJ Technologies, Inc.

MyOneLink is an integration of unified messaging, broadcasting message


MyOneLink - Professional Plus XP

MyOneLink contains all the conversions to make your communications easier. You can receive/send various messages based on the devices you have.

You can turn your PC into a stable, productive and speedy communication server by simply install MyOneLink on your computer. If you already have the hardware voice modem, it may take you 5 minutes to setup your communication server, without a communication expert.

MyOneLink is an integration of unified messaging, broadcasting message, and office/home motion detection applications. It manages employee and family members voice mail, e-mail, and faxes, to access virtually anywhere and anytime over the telephone, fax, or the Internet. The goal of a Unified Messaging system is to simplify and speed up communication processes to achieve time and cost savings for individuals or companies.

The major benefits are the following:

1. Send/receive e-mail without size limit

2. Listen to email and reply over the phone

3. Print email to any fax machine

4. Broadcast your voice/fax messages (Compatible with MS Outlook/MS Window Address Book)

5. Fax from any Windows application

6. Monitor your office/home from anywhere

7. Urgent Voicemail/Important Email notifications

MyOneLink provides following features: Fax-to-Email, Voice-to-Email, Email-to-Fax, Email-to-Voice, Universal Fax, Urgent/Important message notifications, print email from any fax machine, Voice/fax/email message broadcasting, motion detection, motion detection remote control, motion detection phone notification, motion detection email notification, web email/fax/voice message access, motion detected picture review, voice/fax boxes, email server, calling card setup, phone number search by name (from MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express), VoIP video call, continue calling (for busy line), distribute list import, scheduled motion detection controls, email network filter, automatically update core file, and retrieve emails from third party's POP3 accounts.

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