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   Network Fax Server Software

Venta4Net™ (U.S. Version)

Send and receive faxes over a network
through a multi-line fax server

Send Faxes from Your Network

Venta4Net allows clients from your entire network send and receive faxes through the only fax server. You will need just one Venta4Net fax server and one telephone line to enable your entire network send and receive faxes. Venta4Net uses TCP/IP protocol for client-server communication.

Venta4Net supports all the fax, voice mail, Caller ID, and office integration features you'd ever expect. More features...

What is a network fax server

A typical fax server consists of three components:

  • LAN connected PC running Windows NT or Windows 2000 Server connected to a fax modem;
  • Fax Server application software, such as Venta4Net Fax Server;
  • Fax application running on network clients, such as Venta4Net Client.

When a user wants to fax a document from their PC, they can Print the document to a Fax Printer, invoking a "Fax Schedule" common dialog, which allows them to supply recipient information (name & fax number), select a cover page and type a message in the Note section, and then Send the fax, all from their PC and in less than 30 seconds. Another way to send faxes is to send an email message to a FAX address, such as selecting a Contact’s Business Fax address from the Microsoft Outlook’s Contact list, and then attaching the document to be faxed.

Fax servers can also be set up to receive faxes. Once a fax is received, the following actions can be taken:

  • Print the fax to a network printer;

  • Send the fax to the appropriate user via email, or

  • Notify them via email that they have received a fax.

What is Venta4Net

Venta4Net consists of two parts: Venta4Net Fax Server and Venta4Net Client. Each Venta4Net Fax Server supports up to 32 phone lines; Venta4Net Client software must be installed to all computers on the network to enable them sending and receiving faxes.

Network Fax Features

  • Send faxes in the same way as you send email, by selecting a Recipient and attaching the file to be faxed.

  • Fax enable other business processes such as Invoicing, Reports and Purchase Orders so that the applications will automatically send the faxes out.

  • Allow users to send faxes from their PC instead of having to print out the document, walk it to the fax machine, stand in line, and then return to the fax machine later to see if it went out.

  • Venta4Net Fax Server will automatically retry fax numbers if they are busy.

  • Fax software allows users to maintain frequently used fax numbers in a local Fax Phonebook or MS Outlook Contact, thus eliminating the need to search for a fax numbers.

  • Fax phonebooks also make it easy to send faxes to groups of people, making newsletters, marketing pieces and reports a breeze.

  • Faxes that are sent from fax servers look better since they are sent directly from your PC and don’t have to go through a low resolution scanning process.

  • Venta4Net Fax Server makes it easy to schedule faxes to be sent during cheaper off-peak times.

  • When using a Venta4Net to receive faxes, you can automatically route incoming faxes to the right recipient as soon as they are received, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of faxes.

  • If the fax server is connected into the email system, users can look in one location for both emails and faxes.

  • Venta4Net Fax Server gives Administrators the ability to monitor fax activity, archive faxes and charge back fax related costs using call accounting techniques.

Fax Features

  • Fax Printer: send faxes from any Windows application
  • Manual and automatic modes
  • Scheduled fax delivery

Voice Mail Features

  • Automatic detection of voice/data/fax modes
  • Remote touch-tone control
  • Distinctive voice mail boxes

Caller ID Features

  • Black and white lists
  • Talking caller announce
  • Caller ID alert and display

User Interface

  • 'Virtual fax' interface mimics one of the real fax machine
  • Skin support

Email and Office Integration

  • Fax and voice messages delivered right to your mailbox
  • Send faxes and voice messages by email
  • Message delivery notification


  • Auto-redial
  • Conversation recording
  • Speakerphone
  • Windows Address Book access
  • Distinctive Ring support

Screen Shots

System Requirements

  • Venta4Net Fax Server: Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 Server PC
  • Venta4Net Client: Windows 95, 98, ME, or Windows NT, 2000, XP, or 2003 Server PC
  • Compatible fax modem installed on the server PC
  • For Venta4Net Voice Mail features, a compatible voice modem is required.

Versions & Pricing

You can order a custom configuration of Venta4Net. The license includes a certain number of phone lines supported by Venta4Net Fax Server, and a certain number of Venta4Net Client licenses. The total price of your Venta4Net configuration will depend on the number of phone lines you use, and the number of client PCs you have on the network.

Venta4Net Client: $20 per client, minimum 4 client licenses can be ordered.

Venta4Net Fax Server:
Phone Lines Price Per Line
1 $100
2 $130
4 $100
8 $80
16 $60
32 $40

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