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  • CT Developer Studio 2010 (new): graphical tool for IVR development
  • CT Messenger : TAPI ActiveX (COM) objects
    to embed into your applications
  • FastIVR : software-only Cisco emulator
    for IVR script development and debugging

CT Developer Studio 2010

[build 2010.10.13 - changelog]

Graphical IVR Development Software

Create an interactive voice response system for your business in a matter of minutes!

CT Developer Studio 2 is a visual CTI software solution designed to easily create, run and maintain interactive voice response (IVR) systems for both inbound and outbound call center and voice mail systems. IVR development and design are implemented graphically in TeleFlow Visual IVR Script Designer.

Developing IVR solutions and call center applications is easy with TeleFlow Visual IVR Script Designer and the many ready-to-use samples supplied with the product.

CT Developer Studio 2 is based on a industry-standard TeleFlow engine by enGenic.

Build your voice mail, call center or IVR system with this extensive software suite.

CT Developer Studio 2 is one of the easiest to use and the most powerful IVR development systems on the market. One of its unique features is remote dynamic configuration of all the IVR scripts running on different phone lines.

CT Developer Studio runs on Windows, and requires a PC with a compatible telephony board, including:

  • Ai-Logix - SmartWorks 3.5.2
  • NMS - 2005-1
  • Intel/Dialogic - Dialogic SR 5.1.1 (with Service Pack 1)
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • IVR development
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID and Call Transfer
  • CTI Software
  • Integrated Visual IVR Script Designer
  • Message delivery & reading
  • Call center software
  • Custom telephone answering
  • IVR applications

Click to read more about CT Developer Studio.

Updated: Download Evaluation Version

CT Messenger

TAPI ActiveX Components

CT Messengerô 2.2 (Mint Components Inc.) is a component software solution designed to help developers to easily add over-the-phone notification, paging, and SMS functionality to their applications. It is designed for building outboind call centers and IVRs that work from within your own application.

CT Messenger Developer's Toolkit provides a set of scriptable COM objects for sending voice messages to a standard phone over any TAPI compliant hardware including a voice modem or telephony card. The same objects are used to send text messages to a pager or SMS-enabled cell phone.

TAPI ActiveX objects from CT messenger can be used in Visual Basic (VB) or Visual C++ (VC).

All you have to do is create a call tree with message consisting of some text or the names of pre-recorded voice files (or both), one or more numbers to call, call time interval, etc., and submit it for processing to CT Messenger Server. The call will be scheduled and processed with a detailed report generated automatically. A report will bring information on the time and duration of the call, the type of answer detected, and the keys pressed by the recipient of the call.

  • Dialing-out from your application
  • Built-in call and page processing
  • Software answer detection
  • (Busy, No Answer, Voice)
  • Multiple lines support
  • Automatic text-to-speech conversion
  • One message to many phone numbers
  • SMS, TAP or UCP protocol paging
  • Detailed reports on all calls and pages
  • Concurrent use of one calling server
Click to read more about CT Messenger.

FastIVR for Cisco discontinued

Cisco router emulator

FastIVR for Cisco is a TCL Development and Cisco Simulation Software, a powerful tool for generating and evaluating TCL scripts for Cisco VoIP-enabled gateways.

FastIVR for Cisco provides a complete PC-based Cisco system emulation, thus enabling the telecom operator to execute and evaluate Cisco TCL IVR scripts locally on a workstation without the need to remove an expensive piece of hardware from production network system.

FastIVR for Cisco is compatible with all Windows and UNIX platforms. Moreover, Fast IVR tool is infused with our deep experience in developing high-capacity flexible Interactive Voice Response programs and strategies - it is the most effective and innovative IVR tool available for customer care, contact, and communications.

Effective August, 10, 2011, Fast IVR for Cisco has been discontinued.
  • Cost effective
    positive ROI results in just a few months of installation by many of our customers
  • Full source code
  • Exact Emulation
    works exactly as Cisco VoIP gateway
  • Support of real RADIUS server
    test IVR scripts on your production system
Click to read more about FastIVR for Cisco.

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